Rankų darbo gaminiai ir paslaugos Jums


Išsirink ir įsigyk!

At the end of year 2016 the Department for the Affairs of Disabled under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour has created a new website www.meskuriame.lt. PI Valakupiai Rehabilitation Center is providing further promotion of the site, supplement, update and support.

Site is created to deliver unique handmade products produced by talented, different age persons with disabilities and their services over all Lithuania. This site visitor is invited to become acquainted with occupational rehabilitation and other social integration programs participants work and services.

www.meskuriame.lt goal - to educate the public and promote a people to create and spread the word about your talents and promote products and services made by people with disabilities.

The site presents the products which are special because are created with the warmest feelings by adding a piece of creator, and services are carried out with the love of people who seek to express themselves and integrate into society. Social integration institutions organizes various activities during which reveals the special abilities of these individuals.

For information on the website hosting www.meskuriame.lt or any other questions please contact the Web site administrator e-mail. info@meskuriame.lt by email or phone +370 5 2 477 544.